Non-Judgemental, Professional and Confidential

I provide Face-to-Face Counselling, and Online Counselling via Email, Instant Messaging and Webcam for Adults and Young People

Person-Centred and Trauma Informed



It will give you the opportunity to discuss, explore and express in confidence whatever may be going on for you with a trained and professional counsellor or therapist.


Online Counselling

It could be more practically and financially feasible for you – you don’t have to travel long distances to see a therapist and it can fit around you and your time.



I am happy to offer a 30 minute consultation free of charge.
I am able to offer a reduced rate for anyone on a low income – please contact me for more information.


This may be your first step in seeking help for yourself and trying to make a difference to your life.

You may be seeking help for someone you care about, or you may just be curious to see what Counselling or Online Counselling is all about.

Whatever your reasons I warmly welcome you.




It can be a really big step to reach out for help but a very worthwhile one.

Whatever difficulties and struggles you are facing, it can really help to talk to a trained and caring professional in complete confidence.

I am a fully qualified Person-Centred counsellor dedicated to offering warmth, understanding and acceptance to all who work with me.


"Natasha has been extremely helpful to me. She is a skilled listener and I always felt she was non-judgmental about whatever I told her. She is very patient and she understands other people's lives very well. When I asked for her advice she was always very thoughtful and I have been able to work through many tricky situations with her help. I wholeheartedly recommend her counselling services."

"Natasha is a very kind and understanding counsellor. Very patient and gentle with her words which is exactly what I needed. She has helped me to get through a rough period of my life and if I need help in the future I would not hesitate to contact her again."

"Natasha has been a fantastic help to me. She's warm, kind and encouraging. She reframes my thoughts and it has allowed me to reflect over any issues I'm having; it has been so helpful to have a calm and objective voice during the stress I've experienced. Natasha has above and beyond supported me and I would absolutely recommend her"

"I originally found Natasha Leslie by googling ‘online counselling’. At the time I felt lost, lonely, isolated and unhappy, and had done for years. I couldn’t imagine feeling differently but knew something had to change. Online counselling was perfect for me because I am an introverted stay at home mum living in the south of France and attending any in-person sessions would have been very difficult. I originally envisaged needing counselling sessions for years, but actually in less than two months I feel stronger, more able to cope and can see a path forward. I would happily recommend Natasha to anyone who is struggling - she is amazing!"

Emma, South of France

"I valued the thoughtfulness with which Natasha accepted what I said. Her promptings were gentle and enabling and she helped me give shape and form to my concerns. The attentive space she provided, encouraged me to understand myself more deeply. I am grateful for this"

“Natasha has been very supportive and professional throughout my troubles. She genuinely understood my thoughts and feelings, and provided me with precisely the kind of compassionate help and understanding I needed in order to be able to help myself get out of the terrible mental situation I found myself in. At no point did I feel she was being judgemental in anyway, and due to how at ease I felt communicating with her, I gradually grew in confidence, and was able to unlock my mind and see the bigger picture. I am forever grateful to Natasha and highly recommend her services”.

"I sought counselling support after suppressing experiences from a difficult time in my life for more than two decades. Natasha couldn't have been more perfect for the kind of help I needed. Supportive, patient, non-judgemental, empathetic and a great listener; she helped me to work through my problems and reassured me every step of the way. I would really recommend her services."

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